Patent Attorneys & Practices

We appreciate that it is often difficult to 'do things differently' and outsource, but then there are some cases, patents and Examiners where a fresh look can provide a breakthrough. As an accomplished inventor, entrepreneur, IP management specialist and 'patent engineer', our input can be invaluable. We can integrate seamlessly with you and your client, often to act as the interface between you and the company, its management and inventors. This tried and tested model has proven effective in enhancing IP portfolios via greater awareness and the ''harvesting' of in-house innovation and R&D for IP - a win-win for all parties.

A selection of our offerings include:

  • Invention capture, prioritisation & review programmes
  • Discounted scientific/technical and prosecution support, providing an independent, lateral-thinking perspective
  • Strategic and technical assistance in Litigation, Opposition and Appeal patent proceedings, acting as an "invisible friend"
  • Prior art searching/review and "devil's advocacy" for assessing a case, argument or portfolio's strength
  • Supporting Assignment and Licence negotiations

Relevant expertise and accomplishments:

  • Strong technical expertise in pharma/biotech, including formulation, drug delivery, devices, diagnostics, etc. plus herbals, nutraceuticals, mechanical/consumer goods, etc.
  • 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, in a variety of technical, legal and commercial roles
  • Named inventor on over 20 patents and patent applications - expertise covers the whole cycle of innovation, prosecution and enforcement/defence
  • Over 15 years’ experience in managing IP portfolios and external counsel
  • Recently managed a caseload of over 275 patents, trademarks and designs for clients ranging from single inventors through to big pharma
  • Proactive and resolute prosecution style - over the past few years, directly assisted in obtaining over 90 allowed or granted patents, including 9 in US and 6 in EP
  • Drafted multiple invention disclosure forms and patent applications
  • Instrumental in many successful litigation proceedings, including over 30 EPO Oppositions and Appeals, two US Interferences, UK High Court, etc., several as an 'expert witness'