I've worked with Glen for nearly 10 years in the area of patent prosecution and strategic patent management.  Glen has a keen eye for creative problem solving in the IP space, and his solutions and suggestions (both technical and legal) are made with a complete focus on the commercial context, providing both practical and cost effective advice, and adding real value. 

Robert Stephen - Partner, OLSWANG, London, UK

Glen has given very valuable advice on our patent portfolio for several years. Most notably he was instrumental in us gaining a pivotal US patent grant by adeptly challenging the examiners long-standing objections.

Dr Trevor Jarman - CEO Natures Remedies Ltd, UK

We have worked with Glen Martyn on a number of projects, including contentious matters and the development of patent portfolios, and his depth of technical knowledge and commercial acumen certainly helped us achieve good results for the clients concerned.

Steve Jones - Director, Adamson Jones. Nottingham, UK

Savantium were the driving force in converting our US patent application to grant. They were able to re-align the patent requirements with our current commercial offering. This was necessary because the process took so long with the predecessors that our products had changed. Savantium were also an extremely effective part of the team with our similarly stalled European patent, which has now been granted.

Michael Stead, CEO – Shoomaker Ltd, UK

As Glen has considerable technical expertise and experience, as well as a thorough understanding of the procedural aspects of patents, I have always found his assistance to be invaluable in bridging the technical and legal issues.  Glen has always been responsive and constructive.

Brian Cordery | Partner | Bristows, London, UK

I have always found Glen Martyn to be a very effective analyst of a patent landscape, with particular expertise in ensuring that the patents in a portfolio provide maximum commercial benefit for the patent holder.  He is also a valuable member of the team for EPO post-grant oppositions, when it is often necessary to redraft patent claims on the hoof.

Richard Bassett | Managing Partner | Potter Clarkson LLP, Nottingham, UK

I’ve worked with Glen for many years now, and have always found his advice useful and constructive.  He really understands the issues faced during patent prosecution, and applies a commercial perspective when thinking about how to solve these issues.

John Jappy | Partner | Gill, Jennings & Every LLP, London, UK


In the seven years that I have worked with Glen I have come to know him as a person who likes detailed technical patent discussions and at the same does not lose sight of the commercial interests involved.

Patricia Ringeling - European Patent Attorney, Enelex Innovation B.V., The Netherlands

Having worked with Glen for over 7 years, I have come to highly appreciate his eye for detail, pragmatic approach, creativity and knowledge in the field of Intellectual Property. His work is of a high quality whether it is (re) drafting claims, performing FTO searches or analyzing a patent landscape.  Glen is fully committed to his client’s projects, is a team player and is very focused on delivering “value for money”. 

Jaap Koopman - Founder ProFibrix BV and Fibriant BV, The Netherlands

I have worked with Savantium for about 2 years now, and am impressed both by the outstanding quality of their work as well as their involvement and commitment to our projects.

Dr Bram Bout | CTO | Profibrix B.V., The Netherlands


Glen’s technical input enabled me to obtain issuance of an important U.S. patent for a pharmaceutical company.  He is a pleasure to work with, responsive and highly qualified.


I have worked with Glen over the past three years.  He helped us on various patent prosecution matters.  His expertise and thorough understanding of the subject matters, especially patent prosecution on biologicals and device/drug combination, have been extremely helpful for us.  I would work with him again if given such opportunity. 

Min Ding, Ph.D. Vice President, Innovation Leader Preclinical & Corp. Counsel, The Medicines Company, USA